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Don't take chances with less than reputable carpet cleaners in SW3Chelsea. Call the best company in the area now on 020 3746 3183 and be certain that your carpets will be cleaned to the highest of standards. Our crew of experienced rug technicians will remove any type of grime and particles from home carpeting in only one visit. You couldn't get a better value for your investment anywhere else. You have our 100% guarantee!

Dial 020 3746 3183 now and let our Chelsea team to treat your home furniture the same day! Our support team will provide an absolutely free estimate and inform you on our fresh promotions.

The Leading Carpet Cleaning provider in Chelsea SW3

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in  Chelsea

Here are just several of the advantages you will enjoy with our expert carpet cleaners in Area:

  • Number of Cleaning Approaches - Our specialists are able to offer you either to get deep into the textiles using the power of hot water extraction or to perform a refreshing treatment for your carpeting with our dry carpet cleaning service.
  • Knowledgeable People with Constructive Way of thinking - The reason why we obtain these kinds of great results and reviews are our competent carpet specialists. Every one of them have years of experience in the trade plus comprehensive training and professional qualifications.
  • Effective Equipment and Reliable Environment-friendly Detergent - Our carpet experts utilize the most innovative machines and tools to achieve clean outcomes for your place. It's our business policy to utilize environmentally friendly cleaners wherever possible to reduce pollution.

Vast Array of Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Chelsea

Steam Carpet Cleaning in ChelseaClean Carpets Chelsea SW3 is the greatest specialized service not simply for helping you clean and recover the initial looks and feel of the floor coverings. We also provide great selection of key cleaning services for your whole office or house. Listed here are just a couple of our specialised cleaning and maintenance deals and offers:

  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Dry PowderCarpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mattress Sanitising
  • Leather Cleaning and Care
  • Scotchgard Stain Protection

Our Time-tested Carpet Cleaning Routine

Whenever you contact us for carpet cleaning task you receive a experts solution with an unmatched step-by-step technique. Here's precisely how we clean carpets:

  1. First, we check out each of your wall-to-wall carpets and rugs, trying to find stains, seriously soiled areas or evidence of deterioration.
  2. After that we take care of any kind of previous accidents, unpleasant odours or colour fastness
  3. What's next? A thorough vacuum cleaning to take out all dust and tiny particles.
  4. We always pre-treat high traffic areas as well as any spots or marks with the most appropriate solutions.
  5. After this we decide which of our fantastic specialized techniques to apply - for instance our hot water extraction technique definitely works great when it comes to get rid of dirt, grease and stains.
  6. Next step is brushing your carpet and bringing back its fantastic look.
  7. Finally we deodorise your carpet to ensure it smells fresh and clean.

Why Select Us?

Dry Carpet Cleaning in ChelseaThere are various factors to take into account, when looking for the best carpet cleaning provider to suit your needs - good quality of the service, good name of the company, reasonable price ranges etc. Not only we respond to each one of these requirements, but also we think there are many more good reasons to contract us in Chelsea:

  • Our technicians are courteous and punctual
  • There's no hidden costs - everything on our pricing list is fixed. VAT included
  • We care about your good health as well as for the nature - our detergents are risk-free and eco-friendly
  • For your convenience we work even on late evenings, weekends and vacations
  • You can also make same date booking without being charged extra

Are you wondering why we provide you with money-back guarantee? Just take a glance at our client reviews.

Our Chelsea Technicians Expect Your Call

Give us a call on 020 3746 3183 and get the best carpet cleaning service for your home in Chelsea.

We'll be glad to answer with a competitive, cost-free Price Quote and professional solutions to your specific needs. Additionally, you can book a request by our request-a-service on-line form.

In case the time has come for your yearly carpet and rug cleaning, there is no one better to rely on than Clean Carpets Chelsea.Our team delivers exceptional results at very reasonable prices. If you need to clean a couple of home items like drapes, mattresses and rugs, consider that you can get a discount by reserving several treatments.


Book your carpet cleaning on 020 3746 3183 and save 10% on the price.

Carpet Steam CleaningDry Carpet Cleaning

Lounge (12x12 feet)£27£29

Lounge (12x12 feet)£29£47

Dining room (12x12 feet)£27£29

Dining room (12x12 feet)£29£33

Hallway (10x4 feet)£13£14

Hallway (10x4 feet)£15£17

Staircase (Up to 14 steps)£27£29

Staircase (Up to 14 steps)£29£43

Bedrooms (10x10 feet)£22£25

Bedrooms (10x10 feet)£23£30

2 Bedroom House£109£125

Bedrooms (15x15 feet)£25£39

3 Bedroom House£129£148

Bedrooms (15x15 feet)£25£44

Rug cleaningPrice depends on Size & Condition

Rug cleaningPrice depends on Size & Condition

Upholstery Steam CleaningDry Upholstery Cleaning



Two-seater Sofa£33

Two-seater Sofa£66

Three-seater Sofa£39

Three-seater Sofa£78

Additional sofa seat£13

Additional sofa seat£26

Dining chair£7

Dinning chair£23

Steam Curtains & MattressesDry Curtains & Mattresses

Half length pair of curtains£19

Half length pair of curtains£66

Full length pair of curtains£24

Full length pair of curtains£99



Stain ProtectionBio Insecticide

Per room£16

Per room£7

Per seat£10

Per seat£3

Spot treatment with professional detergents is included in the price.
* Please note that minimum charges apply for both carpet & upholstery steam cleaning, but in certain cases we can overlook the minimum charge. Call us now for more information or enter our Live Chat!


"In short, the work was done quick and good from the first time."